Sabu whois

Sabu is widely regarded to be in LulzSec.

Sabu has been linked to the domain Here is an excerpt of a widely-published doc:

7.) Sabu : Lulzsec Leader

 Name: Hector Xavier Montsegur
 Location: New York, New York
 Race: Puerto Rican ?
 Handles: 548U, hectic_les, leon
 IP: (

Profiles: ?



Today th3j35t3r tweeted this:

"@th3j35t3r: Here's the thing SABU's personal domain 'PRVT.ORG' expired & auto-renewed yesterday, privacy option didn't. - #tangodown"

I tried an online whois page, and it indeed seems to reveal an address for Sabu.Here are images of what I found:

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