Proj Win3: Cloudflare's IPv6 Service (15 pts.)

What you need

Open a Web browser and go to

On the upper right, click "Sign up". Fill in the form and click the "Sign up CloudFlare" button.

You see a screen showing the 4 steps, as shown below. Enter your domain name and click the green "Add this domain" button.

Wait while CloudFlare scans your DNS configuration. Then click the green "Continue to Step 2" button.

In Step 2, check your DNS records and make any necessary corrections. Then click the green "CI'm done checkng my DNS records, continue" button.

In Step 3, you see two records (or more), as shown below. These records currently point to your real server(s), but after you set up CloudFlare the records with the yellow cloud will be proxied by CloudFlare instead. Click the green "My settings look good, continue" button.

Step 4 requires you to update your DNS name servers at your domain registrar, as shown below.

Open a new browser tab and log in to your domain registrar, which is probably Godaddy, and change your domain name servers to the indicated values, as shown below:

After your nameservers have been updated at your registrar, on the CloudFlare page, click the green "I've updated my name servers, continue" button. You should see a "Congratulations" message. If you see a message saying "Finishing up...", as shown below, you will need to wait for DNS updates to complete before proceeding with this project. When I tested it, it took about 30 minutes.

Activating Automatic IPv6

When your DNS settings are updated, your domain will have a "Settings" button available at the far right, as shown below.

Click the "Settings" drop-down arrow, and click "CloudFlare Settings". Scroll down to the "Automatic IPv6" section and select Full, as shown below.

Testing your DNS Records

On a Windows computer, in a Command Prompt window, execute these commands, replacing with your own domain:

set q=any

You should see these items:

Troubleshooting: when I did it on Windows 8 Developer Preview, I needed to explicitly set the DNS server after the domain name like this:
If you don't see your DNS information, try that.

Turning in your Project

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