HE IPv6 Certification: Tips for Windows Home Version Users

Here are some tips from a student who did it on Win 7 Starter:
I needed to install "HOME access version". At first try, I installed "basic version" and I kept having a UDP port blocking problem. Yet after downloading home access version, I could connect to the gogo6 server without any problems.

Windows 7 Starter does not support any ASP or servers associated with ASP. Besides your instructions, I needed to refer this following website to display my default ASP page on a web browser:

First of all, I was required to have a correct Java package, which was jdk1.3.1_20. Second, an environment variable, JAVA_HOME, had to point out the path to the Java program bin file such as "/jdk1.3.1_20/bin".
When I just clicked "run.dat" file, the command processor popped up momentarily and disappeared immediately. I checked my active ports by typing netstat then port 25 was not shown. Therefore I ran "run.dat" on command processor directly then I was able to see the error messages, which say a variable, JAVA_HOME is not set. To set the variable, I needed "Java Development Kit" called JDK. This was my reference: