Cisco IPv6 Projects

What You Need

Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer is software from Cisco that simulates networks. It is very powerful. Install it on your Windows box with the default options.

The Project Files

Right-click on the links below and save the files on your desktop.

Note: Right-click links and save files locally for best results

IPv6-SR-1: IPv6 Static Routing with Default Routes(PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-SR-2: IPv6 Static Routing (PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-SR-3: Troubleshooting IPv6 Static Routes (PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-RIPng-1: IPv6 Dynamic Routing with RIPng (PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-RIPng-2: Troubleshooting RIPng (PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-EIGRP-1: IPv6 Dynamic Routing with EIGRP (PT) (10 pts. extra)
IPv6-EIGRP-2: Troubleshooting EIGRP for IPv6 (PT) (10 pts. extra)

Double-click the pka file to open it in Packet Tracer. A little network appears, with a box that explains how to do the activity. When you complete the activity, the score will show 100% in the lower right of the box. Scroll back to the top so the project number is visible, and capture a screen image as shown below:

Turning In Your Project

Make sure the project number and the score of 100% are visible.

Save this screen shot with the project number in the filename, such as Proj IPv6-SR1 from Your Name.

Email the image to with a subject including the project number and your name, such as "Project Pv6-SR1 from YOUR NAME".

Last modified: 9-20-11