IPv6 Evangelism

Borgv6a (43K) I went to BALUG on May 18, 2010 to give a talk on three topics:

SSLstrip, SlowLoris, and IPv6.

PowerPoint file

IPV6-QUERY (51K) Before starting the IPv6 portion of the talk, I asked the audience this question, and collected their responses with iClickers.

BALUG-before (3K) Before the talk, a lot of people thought IPv6 was worthless.

BALUG-after (3K) After the talk, no one thought that way any more.

On June 2, I gave a talk containing the same IPv6 information to SVLUG.

SVLUG-before (5K) Here are the votes before the talk:

SVLUG-before (5K) Here are the votes after the talk:

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