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IPv6 Certification Contest

Win a Droid Smartphone!

Any of my students or ex-students are eligible to compete. Also Gordon's or Mike's students, as announced in the latest podcast.

The contest is over.
Max Lee wins with Guru level!
Good work!

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification

Hurricane Electric will give you a badge like this:

IPv6 Certification Badge for sbownexen

Competitors, please send me the HTML code to add your status to the scoreboard below.

Certification Levels

  1. Newbie: Knows basic facts about IPv6
  2. Explorer: Has the ability to connect to servers via IPv6
  3. Enthusiast: Has a Web server delivering pages over IPv6
  4. Administrator: Has an SMTP server that accepts mail over IPv6
  5. Professional: Has reverse DNS correctly configured for the IPv6 address of your SMTP server
  6. Guru: Nameservers have AAAA records and can be queried over IPv6
  7. Sage: Has IPv6 Glue


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