HOPE Eleven: Violent Python

Proposed Workshop


Even if you have never programmed before, you can quickly and easily learn how to make custom hacking tools in Python. In hands-on projects, participants will create tools and hack into test systems, including:


Hacking is the best way to learn programming, because you can skip all the boring stuff and jump right into BREAKING THINGS. This workshop helps beginners learn simple programming and have fun doing it. It's set up as a contest: first there's an easy project in each category with complete step-by-step instructions, and then there are challenges of increasing difficulty for participants to overcome, working in teams, helping one another.

Techical Requirements

Participants need a computer that can run Python. Macs and Linux machines include Python, and it can be installed easily on Windows machines. The venue needs to provide Internet access and desks or tables for the participants to use. I will bring a few loaner computers for people who need them.

Previous Presentations

I've presented this workshop at B-Sides SF, B-Sides LV, and DEF CON. It's been a hit at them all, because it's at the right level of difficulty to challenge the participants without frustrating the too much. I don't think people are bored with it yet--there were over 100 people on the waiting list who were unable to get in to the B-Sides SF session.


This workshop is based on the book "Violent Python" by TJ O'Connor.

Posted 2-3-16 by Sam Bowne