Downloading Virtual Machines

Virtualization Software

You can get VMware Player here:|PLAYER-1257|product_downloads

You can purchase VMware Fusion here:

You can get VirtualBox here:

Virtual Machines

Kali Linux

Kali 2.0 -- download the Kali Linux 32 bit VM PAE file from this page (2 GB):
Login: root toor

Windows 2008 Server

Get it here: Windows 2008 Server (VMware)
CCSF blocks Mega, so on campus use this alternate download link
Size: 1,694,468,342 bytes
MD5 (Win2008-Target.7z) = 0618153586bd8893399c2e7525e97d5a
SHA1(Win2008-Target.7z)= 38a03b670f1637cc2f18f1ec012071cd90566d4b
SHA256(Win2008-Target.7z)= d068d3b406acc234735f1597ba38450f29dd25790bc961c232db11441cf77241
Login: Administrator P@ssw0rd
If you prefer to use VirtualBox, download this VM instead: Windows 2008 Server (VirtualBox)

It's an OVA file, so import it into VirtualBox directly with File, "Import Appliance". There's no need to unzip it.

CCSF blocks Mega, so on campus you need to download these two 7-zip files. Put them both in the same folder, right-click, 7-Zip, Extract, and it will combine them both into one OVA file.


Win2008ova.7z.002 (link updated 9-6-17)

Size: 3,138,644,992 bytes
MD5 (Win2008.ova) = 5af9065156baff4c2422734e200de269
SHA1(Win2008.ova)= 322fbb9743ad0bcdaa2ed86d460a0b50839c4d5f
SHA256= 3f39f1201cbd59f5bc11cb9783eabba20b07ec5fdbbd86863687a3f299f670ff
Login: Administrator P@ssw0rd

UBCD (Used only in CNIT 123)

CCSF blocks Mega, so on campus use this alternate download link
Size: 656,347,136 bytes
MD5 (UBCD.iso) = 751fc468e60a5619b3087440506484b8
SHA1 (UBCD.iso) = ade65fa9a78089cb38aae10b435069433b4c7dd1
SHA256 (UBCD.iso) = a42b67c4393be005731ad15789119f657ba923521a266024c85bfae5941056e7

Calculating Hash Values

On Mac OS X, use these commands:
md5 filename
shasum -a 1 filename
shasum -a 256 filename


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