Discount Certification Vouchers

You can purchase discount vouchers from CCSF to use at testing centers, if you are a student in the CNIT department at City College San Francisco.

How to Purchase CompTia Vouchers

Exam Prices

Here are the prices I found on 9-29-16:

Use IE and Adobe Reader

The voucher order form only works if you use Windows, Internet Explorer, and Adobe PDF reader.

Open this page:

On the left side, click Vouchers. You see test prices, as shown below.

Click the red label for the test you want, such as A+.

On the next page, click "Add to Cart".

On the lower right of the next page, find the "Login to Checkout" box, as shown below.

Right-click "create one" and click "Open in New Tab".

Create an account using your .EDU email address.

Now you can check out and get the educational discount.

If you run into a problem, call Pearson Vue at 800-869-4104 or send an e-mail to

Vouchers are time-limited.

Cisco tests

To get Cisco vouchers, see the Cisco Voucher FAQs.

Microsoft tests

CCSF students are eligible to receive a 50% discount on Microsoft Pro exams or the 70-xxx exams. When registering with PearsonVue to take a Microsoft exam provide tell the representative you are a CCSF student. Be prepared to provide your CCSF ID as proof.

There are official Microsoft training videos that may help you prepare for your tests here.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Last updated 2-2-17