How to Block Firefox

If you want to block Firefox, paste this code into the BODY section of your browser, at the top.
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var test=navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Firefox')
if (test > 0)
document.write('<table border="0" align="center" bgcolor="#cccccc" width="90%" height="100%">');
document.write('<tr valign="middle"><td align="center"><font face="Arial">');
document.write('<h1 align="center">ERROR: You are using Firefox!</h1> Please use a different browser. This article explains why:');
document.write('<p align="center"><a href=""><b>Dating Site Protests Anti-Gay-Marriage Contributor : NPR</b></a>');
document.write('<p align="center">If you really insist on using Firefox, you can scroll down.</p>');
document.write('<a href="">Add this to your page</p>');


This article explains why:

Dating Site Protests Anti-Gay-Marriage Contributor : NPR

Posted 4-1-14 2:32 am by Sam Bowne