Why CCSF Teachers Are Striking

1. Put Money in the Classroom

CCSF administration has a 30% reserve fund, when the recommmended level is 5%. San Francisco Proposition A funded the college to weather the accreditation crisis, and the administration is refusing to use those funds for their intended purpose.

2. 26% Class Cuts

The administration is shrinking the college and cancelling classes. San Francisco's need for education is increasing, not shrinking; this shrinkage makes no sense. CCSF should be expanding and bringing in more students instead.

3. Working Conditions

Our working conditions are the students' learning conditions.


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Student strike school: Tues. Apr 19, 12:30-2:30pm on Ocean Campus in MUB 140

Posted 4-15-16 by Sam Bowne, based on the Strike School meeting.