Open Letter Regarding the CCSF Protest on March 13, 2014

To: Dr. Arthur Tyler, CCSF Chancellor

On March 14, a group of students and employees of CCSF marched and attempted to enter Conlan Hall. Students ignored police demands to stay out of the building and were forcibly restrained, resulting in some injuries. Although these protestors carried a faculty union sign, they do not in any way represent me or my views. I regard this protest, and the entire "Save CCSF Coalition" as disgraceful, irresponsible, and counterproductive.

I think the best way to solve CCSF's accreditation problems is to cooperate with the Chancellor, the Special Trustee, and the accreditation committee. I do not see any value in protesting or demanding any resignations at this time.

If people want to protest, they should first educate students about nonviolent civil disobedience to prevent conflicts with police and injuries. It is irresponsible to encourage students to confront police in the form of an angry mob.

I appreciate your efforts to save the college and your sensible statement published on March 14, 2014. Please do not regard the "Save CCSF Coalition" as representative of the college community--they are not.

Sam Bowne
Instructor, CNIT Department
March 19, 2014

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