How to Get Free Software from Microsoft Imagine

Eligibility Requirements

You must be enrolled in at least one CNIT class at CCSF. Accounts are created after the Drop Date each semester.

This software is free to every student in CNIT classes, for personal use only.

Finding Your CCSF Email Username and Password

Open a Web browser and go to

On the right side of the page, click Web4.

Enter your User ID and PIN and click Login. If you forgot your PIN, click "Forgot PIN?".

In the next screen, click "Personal Information".

At the bottom of the next page, click "Student CCSFmail". You can get your username and password there. Write them down.

Reading CCSF Email

Open a Web browser and go to

Log in with the username and password you wrote down in a previous step of these instructions.

E-mail Welcoming you to Microsoft Imagine

You should have received an e-mail with the subject "An account has been created for you". This email has your username and password in it. If you do not have that message, you can request another one as explained below.

Getting a Windows Serial Number (or Other Windows Products)


Imagine does not work well on a Mac or Linux, or with Firefox or Chrome or Safari.

Go to

At the top of the page, click "Microsoft Imagine".

Click the LOG IN button.

Log in with the user name and password from your email message. If you don't have that email message, use the "I've forgotten my password!" section.

Shop for products, following the instructions on your screen. When you check out, the price should be $0.

When you download products, such as Windows operating systems, it will download a windows-only program you must run to complete the download process and unpack the strange compressed file format Imagine uses. The process will be easy if you are using Windows and Internet Explorer and almost impossible if you use anything else.

After unpacking, many products are ISO files. You need to burn them (not copy them) to create a bootable DVD.

Revised 1-18-17