AWS 110: Amazon EKS Primer (15 pts)

What you need:


Kubernetes is used to deploy containers in the cloud, to make high-availability servers. Amazon provides many useful features, such as dynamically scaling deployment to adapt to the load, and performance monitoring. This primer teaches you about the Amazon services used to deploy such modern systems, which are used for many Web services.

Getting an Amazon Account

In a Web browser, go to

If you don't have an account, point to "sign in" at the top right and create one.

Getting an AWS Skill Builder Account

In a Web browser, go to

Search for "EKS Primer", as shown below.

Find the English one at the bottom of the list and click it.

Click the ENROLL button.


Click "Login with Amazon" button.

Enroll in the course. It consists of reading lessons, videos, and little quizzes.

AWS 110.1 Trophy (15 pts)

When you finish the course, a trophy appears, as shown below.

The flag is covered by a green rectangle in the image below.

Posted 9-27-23