Project 2: Installing Apache OpenOffice (5 Pts.)

Starting Your Computer

Start your computer. Boot to your installation of Windows 7. Log in with your personal account.

Note to Students Working at Home

The instructions below assume you are working in the S214 lab. If you are working at home, all you need to do is add any Office product to your Windows 7 computer. If you want to get the specific product described below, download Apache OpenOffice from http:/

Installing Apache OpenOffice

Download Apache OpenOffice from http:/

Install the software with the default options.

Opening OpenOffice Writer

Click Start, "All Programs", " 2.2", " Writer". In the "Welcome to 2.2" box, click Next.

Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and click Accept.

At the "Provide your full name and initials below" screen, click Next.

At the "Online Update " screen, clear the "Check for updates automatically" box and click Next.

At the " Registration" screen, click "I do not want to register" and click Finish. Writer opens, as shown below.

Saving the Screen Image

Click on the " Writer" window to make sure it is the active window.

Press the PrintScrn key in the upper-right portion of the keyboard. That will copy the whole desktop to the clipboard.


Open Paint. In the untitled - Paint window, select Edit, Paste from the menu bar. The desktop image appears in the Paint window.

Save the image with the filename "Your Name Proj 2b".

Turning in your Project

Send the image to me as an email attachment.

Send the message to: with a subject line of "Proj 2 From Your Name", replacing Your Name with your own first and last name. Send a Cc to yourself.

Last Modified: 8-22-13