CNIT 30: Internet Safety

Sam Bowne -- Summer 2007

Final Grades for second section posted 7-12 8:30 PM

Scores with final grades for first section posted 6-26

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CNIT 30: Internet Safety -- For all people who are users of the World Wide Web and e-mail to learn the best practices to follow to avoid common malicious invasions over the Internet. The course includes an overview of security dangers, a review of simple procedures that can be adopted by all users, and descriptions and demonstrations of protective software utilities.


CRN 51699 Section 501 Lec M W 06:00-09:15PM 06/11-06/25 CLOU 218 (moving to SCIE 214)
CRN 51761 Section 502 Lec T R 06:00-09:15PM 06/28-07/12 CLOU 218 (moving to SCIE 214)

Schedule for Section 501

    Date    Topic
Mon, June 11 Chapters 1 and 2: Internet Risks
Wed, June 13 Chapter 3: Firewalls (we skip chapter 4)
Mon, June 18 Linux (not in textbook)
Wed, June 20 Chapters 9: Wireless Security
Mon, June 25 Last Class--Final Exam

Schedule for Section 502

    Date    Topic
Thu, June 28 Chapters 1 and 2: Internet Risks
Tue, July 3 Chapter 3: Firewalls (we skip chapter 4)
Thu, July 5 Linux (not in textbook)
Tue, July 10 Chapters 9: Wireless Security
Thu, July 12 Last Class--Final Exam



Chapters 1 and 2: Internet RisksPowerpoint
Chapter 3: Firewalls (we skip chapter 4)Powerpoint
Linux (not in textbook)Powerpoint
Chapter 9: Wireless SecurityPowerpoint


How to Read Your CCSF Email
How to Get your Windows XP Activation Code from MSDNAA
Downloading MSDNAA Software
Virtual Machines at Home

Project 1: Wrecking Windows (10 points)
Project 2: Fixing Windows with Windows Defender (10 points)
Project 2x: Fixing Windows with Other Tools (5 to 10 points extra credit)
Project 3: Ports and IP Addresses (10 points)
                Project 3 Corrections
Project 3x: Editing the Registry (5 points extra credit)
Project 4: Installing Ubuntu Linux (10 points)
Project 4x: Port Scans (5 points extra credit)
Project 5: Making a Secure Wireless Network (10 points)

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This class can be taken for a letter grade or credit/no credit. There will be five projects each worth 10 points, and an open-book final exam worth 20 points. There will also be several extra credit projects. Your grade is calculated as shown below:

PercentageTotal PointsLetter GradeCR/NC
90% or more63 or moreACR
80% - 89.9%56 - 62BCR
60% - 79.9%42 - 55CCR
50% - 59.9%35 - 41DNC
49.9% or less34 or lessFNC

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