CNIT 197 AND 198 - Internship and Work Experience



Instructor:           Sam Bowne


Office:                  Cloud 216





Grading: A or F


There are only three things you need to do to succeed in this class:

  1. Get a job
  2. Return the Work Experience Form by Midterm
  3. Return the Training Form by Final Exam Week
    (Forms are available online at




For each unit of credit, you must work 75 hours per semester if you are on a paid assignment.  For unpaid assignments, 60 hours per semester must be logged.  For example, CNIT198 is a 2 unit class so you must work 150 hrs/paid or 120 hrs/unpaid in the semester.







60 Hrs

75 Hrs



120 Hrs

150 Hrs



If you do not find an internship it is your responsibility to drop from this class




1. If you wish to compete for off-campus internships, prepare your resume and bring it to the orientation meeting, or email it to  If you would like help preparing your resume, email or go to the Career Center, MUB 39. 

2. If your instructor can find a suitable job to recommend to you, you will be notified by email. You can also find jobs at

3. After an instructor recommendation, contact your prospective employer to request the position.  An off-campus interview may be required.

4. Inform your instructor after getting a job by email to:

5. Complete the "Work Experience Form" and deliver it to your instructor.  This form determines your Midterm Grade.  You can slide the paper under Sam's office door (Cloud 216) or email it to

6.   Perform training or other tasks as required by your employer.

7.   Conversations with Supervisor and Internship coordinator as needed

8. Complete the "Training Form" and deliver it to your instructor.  This form determines your Final Grade.