IR 410: Azure Fundamentals (30 pts or more extra)

What You Need for This Project


To practice using Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing service.

Creating an Azure Account

In a Web browser, go to:

Click the "Start Free" button, as shown below.

Create a Microsoft account, or log in to one you already have.

Launching the Online Course

In the Quickstart Center, click the "Take an online course" tab, as shown below.

Start with the first module: "Principles of cloud computing", as shown below.


As you proceed, you will earn Badges. To see them, in the page, in the top right, click the head icon.

Click Profile. You see the number of badges you've earned, as shown below.

IR 410: Submitting your Badges (30 pts or more)

To get credit, scroll down to show your badges, as shown below. Each badge is worth 10 pts.

I only did three, but feel free to do more lessons to get additional points.

Posted 10-12-18
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