Proj X1: Cyptokitties (10 pts.)

What You Need

Install the MetaMask Chrome Extension

In Chrome, go to as shown below.


On the next page, at the top right, click the blue "ADD to CHROME" button.

Click "Add Extension".

At the top right of the Chrome window, a tiny red fox head icon appears.

Click it.

In the box that appears, click Accept, as shown below.

Scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Use and click Accept again.

Enter a password in both boxes and click Create.

A list of words appears, as shown below.

Keep a record of them so you don't lose access to your account.


Your Account page appears, as shown below.

In the right of the Account page, click the three black dots.

Click "View account on Etherscan", as shown below.

Your address appears at the top of the page, as shown below.

Send this address to anyone who wants to give you a Cryptokitty :)

Posted 12-12-17 by Sam Bowne