C 526: Phoenix Wallet and Lightning Network (20 pts extra)

What you need:


To set up the Phoenix Wallet so you can connect to the Lightning Network, allowing off-chain transactions in Bitcoin. This makes transactions faster and cheaper.

This project uses real Bitcoins.

Installing the Phoenix Wallet

In your phone's App store, search for the "Phoenix Wallet" app and install it, as shown below.

If you prefer, you can get it from this link:


Launch the app and perform these steps, as shown in the video below. (The steps on my phone were slightly different, as listed below.)

C 526.1: Message (10 pts)

After I get your Lightning address, I'll send you some Satoshi.

When you receive it, you'll see a balance of "sat", as shown in the first image below.

Tap the "No description" line, and tap the "Show details" button.

The flag is covered by a green rectangle in the second image below.


Posted 12-6-21