C 390: Exodus Wallet (15 pts extra)

What You Need


To set up an local wallet, so you can send and receive cryptocurrency without trusting anyone else with your private keys.

Go to:


At the top right, click DOWNLOAD.

On the next page, click the link to get the version for your OS.

Install it on your system.

Launch Exodus. You see the Welcome screen, as shown below.

Getting a Receive Address

In the Exodus window, in the top center, click the second icon to see your Wallet. Click the Cardano tab, as shown below.

Click the Receive button.

An address appears, as shown below.

C 390.1 Cardano Address (5 pts)

The flag is your address, outlined in green in the image below. Submit that address in the text field in Canvas as the first flag.

Don't just submit a screen shot--I need to be able to copy and paste the address to send you some XRD.

Receiving Cardano

When I get your address, I'll send you some Cardano. When you get it, your balance will increase, as shown below.

At the bottom of your Exodus window, click the blue Received link, outlined in red in the image above.

Click the blue transaction ID, outlined in red in the image below.

C 390.2 Confirmations (5 pts)

A Web page opens, showing details about your transaction.

The flag is covered by a green rectangle in the image below.

Securing Your Wallet

At the top right of the EXODUS window, click the gear icon.

Go through the four steps, as shown below.

C 390.3 Backup Message (5 pts)

After you complete the four steps, the Backup tab opens, as shown below.

The flag is covered by a green rectangle in the image below.

Posted 9-22-2021