C 350: CryptoZombies (10 pts.)

What You Need


To learn basic Solidity programming by making a contract, following an interactive tutorial.

Making an Account

In a Web browser, go to


Click the "Get Started, It's Free" button, as shown below.

On the next page, at the top right, click the Register button, as shown below.

Create a username and password.

Starting a Course

Then, in the "1 Making the Zombie Factory" section, click the "Start Course" button.

Click "Making the Zombie Factory".

The first lesson appears, as shown below.

Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed through the course.

Recording Your Progress

Whenever you want to, at the top left, click Loom. The page shows your progress, as shown below.

Submit this page to your instructor to collect points, ten points per lesson. The screen below is worth 15 points.

Posted 3-25-22 by Sam Bowne