C 334: MetaMask Mobile Wallet (15 pts.)

What You Need


To prepare a mobile wallet using an Ethereum testnet.

Make a MetaMask Account

First complete this project, to create a MetaMask account and get some ETH on the Ropsten test network:
C 330: MetaMask and Ethereum

Installing MetaMask Mobile

Install MetaMask Mobile from the Google Play store, as shown below.

Launch the MetaMask app.

Tap the "Get started" button.

Tap the "Import using seed phrase" button.

Enter your seed phrase and password.

Tap Import. Tap Done.

Tap "I agree".

Your wallet opens, showing a balance of 0 ETH, as shown below.

Your account is empty because the wallet is using the real Ethereum network, where ETH costs real money.

Switching to the Ropsten Test Network

At the top center, under the word "Wallet", Tap "Ethereum Main Network",

Tap "Ropsten Test Network", as shown below.

Now you see your balance, along with a highly misleading dollar equivalent, as shown below.

Sending Me Ether

In the center of your screen, click the blue Send button.

Send to this address:

Or use the camera and scan this QR code:

And an amount of 0.01 ETH, as shown below.

Click Next. Click Confirm.

Wait a few seconds, while the transaction finishes.

Your account balance appears, somewhat depleted.

In the lower portion of the window, click your account balance, as shown below.

C 334.1: Transaction Status (10 pts)

The flag is covered by a green rectangle in the image below.

Posted 5-13-2021 by Sam Bowne