9: Red v Blue: Linux Web Server

What You Need for This Project


The CCSF website upgrade has gone poorly, and students can't find their classes. To fix the problem, we have prepared a replacement Web server to use instead.

The BLUE TEAM needs to get the server running and keep it working. The server image is here:

Size: 2,984,458,314 bytes
SHA-256: 05a7c1dad74f71c84ddf82d1cd7a677875a63400089b6b3e75863038730c699c

It is possible that, in their haste, the web server team failed to entirely secure the server.

Blue Team

Get your server up. In SCIE 37, install VirtualBox. Unzip the VMware machine you downloaded above, create a new VM in VirtualBox and use the existing VMware virtual hard disk.

Log in as student student

Switch to Bridged networking.

Set your IP address with DHCP with this command:

sudo dhclient -v enp0s3
Tell your instructor your TEAM NAME and IP ADDRESS to get onto the scoreboard.

The BLUE TEAM needs to get the box up, find the problems, and patch them before the evil RED TEAM does bad things, like defacing the web page.

Your CCDC playbook should be helpful.

Red Team

You get points by doing these things:


After an hour or two of combat, there will be a discusion of what worked, what didn't work, and how to write better documentation to preserve what has been learned for CCDC in the future.

Posted 11-30-18