CCDC Eligibility

The Rules are here:

They stay

Team members must qualify as full-time students as defined by the institution they are attending.

A competitor in their final semester prior to graduation is exempt from the full-time student requirement and may compete in CCDC events as a part-time student provided the competitor has a demonstrated record of full-time attendance for the previous semester or quarter.

CCSF defines full-time as 12 units:

So to qualify for the upcoming CCSD events you must do one of these things:

1. Take 12 or more units in Spring 2017

2. Tke 12 or more units in Fall 2016 AND show that you are at the end of a logical "graduation" point, such as a CNIT certificate.


Students with a recognized disability may be consodered full-time with only 9 units, as seen in the quote below, from the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Student Handbook, page 13:

Last updated 12-2-16