CNIT at the Collegiate Pentesting Competition, 2016

We flew to Rochester, NY for the weekend of Nov 4, 2016. There were ten teams competing.

Here's our team. Left to right: Sam Bowne (coach), Arthur Frohlich, Alan Wennersten, Dylan James Smith, Devin Duffy-Halseth, Tom Horvath. One team member, Elizabeth Biddlecome, wasn't there the first "Welcome" night when the picture was taken.

Elizabeth was there for the actual competition, however, madly hacking into systems.

Duffy, the Team Captain, remains calm even under pressure.

The coach was barred from entering the competition room, so I have only these pictures and after-action reports to tell me what happened in there.

However, the team won a $600 cash prize and an award for "creative use of technology in the area of healthcare” sponsored by the IEEE.

I love this picture--I think I'll use it in my Network Security Monitoring class to remind users "WE ARE WATCHING YOU".

Posted 11-8-16 by Sam Bowne
Last edited 11-11-16