CCSF Ranks #2 in CPTC Western Region

On Oct 7 and 8, 2017, we went to Uber in downtown San Francisco for the Collegiate Penetration Testing Championship, Western Regionals. This was the third year of this contest, and the first year with regional events.

Last year, CCSF competed at the national CPTC in Rochester, NY. We didn't place in the top three teams, but won a $600 prize from the IEEE for helping the fictional Gotham General Hospital with HIPAA compliance.

We arrived a little too early for Uber's security guard.

The team spent all day hacking into the Gotham Elections network in a closed, hot room, using six Macbook Pros loaned to them by Uber.

Our Team

Left to right: Tom Horvath, Elizabeth Biddlecombe, Stuart Morris, Alex Levinson (the event organizer), Tim Ip, Andrew Mei, and Sam Bowne (the coach). Joseph Nguyen is not in this photo but was part of the team.

This is the team that beat us, from Stanford:

#3 was Cal Poly Pomona. Other teams included UC Berkeley, CSU Dominguez Hills, San Jose State U, and one other college.

We're all traveling to Rochester for the finals in November.

Posted 10-10-17 by Sam Bowne
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