Trend Online Virus Scan

    Purpose: There are several sites that offer complete scans for free online. But it can take a long time, up to several hours, so don't do this scan until you are ready to leave your machine alone for a while. I usually run my scans overnight.

    Free Online Virus Scans

    Panda was my personal favorite, because it did the most virus fixes automatically, but for two days now I have been unable to get it to work, so I recommend you try Trend first. If you have troubles with one scanner, try another. I will accept any of those scans for credit. Here are detailed instructions for the Trend scanner.

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click in the Address bar near the top of the window, and type in Then press the Enter key open the Trend micro page, as shown below. Click the Scan now, it's free link.

    Trend Housecall

  2. In the next screen, select a Location of United States and click Go.

  3. If a Security Warning box pops up, click Yes. You should see an Active Update box with a progress indicator, as shown below. Wait for the download to reach 100% -- it might take 5 minutes or even longer.

    Active Update box with progress indicator

  4. When you see the Scan Now header, the scanner is ready. Now you have to select which drives to scan. Click your hard disk to make a green check mark appear by it, as shown below. Then click the gray Scan button.

    Scan Now window with hard disk checked.

  5. While the scan runs, you will see a Housecall window, as shown below. You should see the number of files scanned increasing after the first couple of minutes. The scan might take a long time, perhaps hours. It depends on how big your hard disk is, and how fast your processor is. It took about 45 minutes when I did it. Wait for it to finish, and don't use your machine while the scan is in progress. Housecall window with 937 files scanned

  6. When your machine is finished, you will see a Housecall Message box, as shown below. Click OK to close the Housecall Message box.

    Housecall Message shown when scan finishes

  7. You should now see the Housecall window, showing how many files were scanned and how many of them were infected, as shown below. Do not close this box. You need to capture an image of this box and turn it in to me. To do that, click in the Housecall window to make it active, so that the title bar turns blue. Then hold down the Alt key and tap the PrtScn key, which is in the upper-right of most keyboards. Some keyboards abbreviate "Print Screen" differently, such as PrntScrn. Nothing visible happens when you hit the Print Screen key, but an image of the active window is placed in the Clipboard.

    Housecall window with scan complete

  8. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint to open Paint. Then select Edit, Paste from the menu bar. An image of the Housecall window should appear in Paint. Click File, Save. Select My Documents or some other folder you can easily find to save the file in. Give the file a name of trend and select a File type of GIF, as shown in the figure below. Click the Save button. If a window opens warning you that you will lose some color information, click Yes.

    Saving a screen image

Last updated 10-29-04