CIS131 Bowne HW9b

Using Usenet Newsgroups

10 Points Maximum


  1. Access Usenet Newsgroups, using any of these techniques:
    • Configure Netscape using the sand server (only works on campus)

    • Configure Outlook Express using the sand server (only works on campus, but not in C218)

    • Configure Outlook Express using your ISP's news service (you are on your own for this one; see your ISP's help web pages)

    • Use the Google Groups Website

  2. Subscribe to one or more newsgroups of your choice (please don't use an extremely rude or offensive one)

  3. Print out a message from a newsgroup, write your name on the printout and turn it in, or save a screen image and e-mail it to me at

Netscape (only works on CCSF campus)

  1. Configure Netscape to receive Usenet News. The steps are:

Outlook Express (only works on CCSF campus)

  1. Start with a machine with Outlook Express installed on it.

  2. Configure Outlook Express to receive Usenet News, as shown on page 7 of the lecture 11 notes. The steps are:
    • Select Tools, Accounts, News Tab

    • Select Add, News

    • Enter your name and e-mail address

    • The server is

    • When a dialog box opens asking if you want to download newsgroup names, click Yes

    • Select a newsgroup with an interesting name and click Subscribe

    • Navigate to a message using the left pane of the main window (the one with your Inbox in it) and print out a message from the newsgroup.

Using Google Groups

  1. Start at the Google Groups page (, as shown below

    googlegroups.gif (24K)

  2. Click on one of the topic categories alt, biz, comp, and so on

  3. Click on a subtopic to see a Google header followed by a list of Threads, as shown below.

    googlegroups2.gif (25K)

  4. Click on a message to see a thread of related messages

  5. Select File, Print and print out ONLY ONE PAGE of the message thread, write your name on it, and turn it in.

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