CIS131 Bowne HW 8

Searching the Web

25 Points Maximum

  1. Choose a theme for your page. Choose something fairly broad, such as one of these topics:
    • Things to See in Hong Kong (or any other place)
    • Wild Flowers in California
    • Vintage Cars
    • A celebrity
    • A type of car
    • A sports team
    • Any other topic of your choice

  2. Use at least 3 different search engines or other online resources to find the objects below. Here are a few of the most common search engines: You may use them, or any other search engine you like. KEEP TRACK OF WHICH SEARCH ENGINES YOU USE.

    Items to Find

    1. At least 3 links to relevant web sites with more information about your theme. You should write down the complete URLs of the pages you find, or, to make the job easier, use copy and paste to save them into a NotePad file or directly into an HTML-KIT Web page.

    2. Two images relevant to your theme. Include citations to the sources of your images. Do not cite a search engine as the source of an image, but cite the actual Web page that posted the image originally.

  3. Use NotePad or an HTML editor such as HTML-KIT to make a Web page in HTML named hw8.html. Your web page must have the following

    Required Elements

    1. Your Name and HW8 in the title bar of the browser window

    2. The name of your topic in a large font at the top of the page

    3. A brief description of the three web sites you found, and clickable links to each of them (this counts as three items for grading)

    4. The images you found, with citations to their sources

    5. A list of the search engines you used to make your page. You must use at least three search engines, web directories, or other online search resources to make your page, and list them here. This counts as 3 items for grading.

  4. Put your Web page and the images on the hills server using SSH Secure File Transfer.

  5. Send the URL of your Web page to me at
    with the subject
    CNIT 131 Tue&Thu 9:30 am HW8 from YOUR NAME.

Grading (partial)

-25 URL does not work
-5 each Image missing (two required)
-3 each     Link missing (three required)
-2 each     Search engines not listed (three required)
-3 Late

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