Project 5x: Exploiting ECB Encryption (35 pts.)

What You Need


To exploit an ECB-encrypted page without access to the plaintext.


This is very difficult. You can't use Burp alpone. I had to write a custom Python application.

Go to this URL and scroll down to Challenge 4:

The login form is shown below. If you log in with the default credentials, you have uid=10005.

If you prefer not to deal with the SSL encryption, you can also use this URL:

Perform Horizontal Privilege Escalation

Exploit that form and log in with a different uid, as shown below.

You need to get a different numerical value, not a value containing both numbers and letters.

Capturing a Screen Image

Capture a WHOLE-DESKTOP image showing a numerical uid different from 10005.

Save the image as "Proj 5x from YOUR NAME".

Turning in Your Project

Send the image to with a subject of "Proj 5x from YOUR NAME". Send a Cc: to yourself.

Posted 10-17-16