W 101: Linux command line (20 pts + 15 extra for 129S, extra credit for 127)

What You Need


To learn the basics of the Linux command line.

Reading Material

Read this tutorial, which has nine sections:

The Linux command line for beginners

After each section 2-8, there's a flag to find in the reading.

Submit the flags in Canvas to collect your points, in the comment field, like this, replacing answer with the correct answers:

No screen images are required for this project.

W 101.2: A brief history lesson (5 pts)

What earlier operating system did Linux descend from?

W 101.3: Opening a terminal (5 pts)

What command displays the current working directory?

W 101.4: Creating folders and files (5 pts)

What files are created by the commands below? List all the filenames in your answer, separated by spaces.
echo "HELLO" > foo
cat foo
ls > bar
cat bar

W 101.5: Moving and manipulating files (5 pts)

What command will remove the directory mydir even if it contains some files?

W 101.6: A bit of plumbing (5 pts extra)

What command removes duplicate lines from a file?

W 101.7: The command line and the superuser (5 pts extra)

What four-letter command makes the command after it run with superuser privileges?

W 101.8: Hidden files (5 pts extra)

What command shows all files, including hidden files?

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