Welcome to the
Attacking and Defending Web Applications: Hands-On

Hardware Requirements

You need a computer, Mac or PC. You can also use Linux, but some software listed below won't be available to you.



We'll use Cisco Webex for the lectures, so you can see the slides and hear the lectures. If the audio doesn't work through your computer, you can dial in with a telephone.

Slack and Screen Hero

This is a hands-on workshop. Less than half the time will be used for lectures. Most of the time, you will be working on hands-on projects in pairs. The software we'll use for that is Slack and Screen Hero, which is designed to allow teamwork on software projects.

You will be receiving a Slack invitation. Please accept it and follow the instructions on your screen to join Slack. If you haven't used Slack before, please go through the tutorial.

You will also get an invitation to ScreenHero, an extension to Slack. Please download the appropriate version for your computer (Mac or PC) and install it.

Online Introductions

Once you've joined Slack, please post an introduction, including your name, your college, and a general statement of how familiar you are with hacking and bash. When the class starts, we'll pair up students of similar ability.

Getting Help

I will be available to help students on an individual basis, and I will also have two assistants, Dylan and Duffy, available to help. We'll all be available via Slack, Screen Hero, and also by telephone. If you are stuck, please ask us for help.