M 210: Security Audit of an App (15 pts extra)

What You Need for This Project


Choose any App you like to test, but not one that I've used in homework projects. Perform these three tests, and capture three images showing whether these features are secure or not:
  1. Network communications
  2. File storage
  3. Logging

Security Analysis

Write a few sentences, summarizing your results, like this example:

Security Analysis of NFL App

Summary: No security problems were found.

A: Network communications used HTTPS for all sensitive data.

B: File storage did not contain any sensitive data.

C: Logs did not disclose secrets.


Images alone are not worth any points. You must explain your results also.

Turning in your Project

Email the images and the Security Analysis to to cnit.128sam@gmail.com with the subject line: M 210 from YOUR NAME
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