Proj 22x: Student Presentation (Usually 15 pts.)


Public speaking is an essential job skill now, and students should be practicing it.

Time Limit

Normally, presentations are strictly limited to 5 minutes plus one minute for questions. This is a common time limit for "lightning talks" at conventions, and it's plenty of time to explain one thing clearly.


It is much more difficult to prepare a short talk than a long one. Carefully plan what you are going to say, and rehearse the talk before presenting it, timing yourself.

If you are using slides, don't expect to use more than five or six slides total.

You can use my laptop to project slides, or bring your own. The easiest way to get slides to me is to email them to me in advance, or bring them on a USB stick.


Any security-related topic is fine.

Longer Talks

If you have a longer topic, such as a hands-on demonstration or a project that student can do, contact your instructor in advance to arrange a different time limit.


Talks will be graded based on content, slides (if any), and delivery. The best talk is on an interesting topic, and explained in a clear and engaging manner.

A good presentation is worth 15 pts. Presentations that are exceptionally good or bad may get more or fewer points.

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Posted 11-21-15