CNIT 127
Exploit Development

Fall 2018 Sam Bowne

How to Join this Course

Class Structure

The schedule and project instructions are on this page:

Anyone can view the projects and recorded lectures, but to take quizzes and earn credit for projects, you need access to the Canvas online system.

The instructions for joining Canvas are different for official CCSF students and non-CCSF students. Follow the appropriate process below.

CCSF Students

Once you are enrolled and added to the course, your instructor will create a Canvas account for you to use.

Note: this class does not use the CCSF canvas, but an alternate server at this URL:

After your instructor creates your account, you will receive an email at your CCSF student email like this:

Click "Get Started" and then click the green Accept button.

Then click "Create My Account".

Choose your password and time zone, as shown below, and click Register.

Canvas appears, with quizzes and projects, as shown below.

Non-CCSF Students

You are free to take the course, but you will not receive college credit from CCSF. I will, however, send a badge to successful students as soon as I can get access to an appropriate logo.

To join the course, go to this URL:

Follow the instructions on your screen to create an account, if necessary, and join the course, as shown below.

You will receive an email as shown below. Click the link and complete the registration process.

You can now use Canvas, with quizzes and projects, as shown below.

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