Proj 10: Analyzing Malicious Windows Programs (Lab 7-1) (15 pts.)

What you need:


You will practice the techniques in chapter 7.

You should already have the lab files, but if you don't, do this:

Downloading the Lab Files

In a Web browser, go here:

Download and unzip the lab files.

Analyzing the Malware

Follow the instructions for Lab 7-1 in the textbook. There are more detailed solutions in the back of the book.

You will see these features:

  1. A persistence mechanism
  2. A mutex
  3. A host-based signature
  4. A network-based signature
This malware uses a function named StartAddress to perform a DDoS attack.

When answering Q: 4, you find the user agent it uses to perform the attack, and the URL it will attack.

Save a screen capture of the IDA Pro screen showing those two values, as shown below (with the important items grayed out).

Save this image with the filename "Proj 10 from YOUR NAME".

Turning in your Project

Email the image to with the subject line: Proj 10 from YOUR NAME

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