PMA 40: FLARE-VM (20 pts extra)

What you need


To set up a FLARE-VM--a powerful Windows-based forensic and malware analysis machine from FireEye.

Warning: This is a Slow Process

This project takes a lot of time and a lot of storage space (60 GB or so). It took more than a day to complete on my system.

Also, the final machine is only useful for 90 days, as far as I can tell (although there may be a way to extend that with snapshots).

Downloading Windows 10

In a browser, go to

In the "Virtual Machines" list, select "MSEdge on Win10...", as shown below.

In the Choose a VM platform" list, choose your virtualization software, as shown below.

Download the file. Unzip it and launch it in your virtualization software.

Log in with these credentials:

You will need to restart the machine a few times, as you are prompted to, to get the resolution correctly set.

Installing Firefox

In your Windows 10 virtual machine, open Edge. Go to

Download and install Firefox.

Installing FLARE-VM

In your Windows 10 virtual machine, in Firefox, go to

You will see a link to a blog on installing FLARE-VM, as shown below. Click it.

Follow the instructions on that page to download and install FLARE-VM. Once you start it, it will download and install many packages, and automatically restart many times. This process took about a day when I did it.

PMA 40.1: Pentest Folder (20 pts)

On your desktop, double-click the FLARE folder icon.

Double-click the Pentest folder.

The name of the folder inside is the flag, covered by a green box in the image below.

Increasing the Hard Disk Size

This is optional, but I wanted to do it so I could use the FLARE-VM for other things.

Instructions for VMware are here:

Posted 9-14-2020
Hard disk resize link added 9-15-2020
Instructions expanded 10-7-20