PMA 130: Ubuntu 18 Desktop VM (10 pts)

What you need


To create a local virtual machine running Ubuntu 18 desktop, which is useful for locally compiling UPX and for other tasks.

Downloading Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

In a browser, go to

At the top, click Download.

On the next page, click "Ubuntu Desktop".

On the next page, on the right side, in small type, click "alternative downloads".

On the next page, in the BitTorrent section, click "Ubuntu 18.04.5 Desktop (64-bit)".

Download the ubuntu-18.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso file.

Make a Virtual Machine

The exact steps vary depending on your software. Here are the steps for VMware Fusion on a Mac:

PMA 130.1: Codename (10 pts)

In your Ubuntu machine, open a Terminal and execute this command:
lsb_release -a
Find the word covered by a green box in the image below.

That's the flag.

Posted 9-17-2020