PMA 122: PE Headers (50 pts extra)

What you need


To examine how EXE files work, and how the UPX packer modifies them.

Use the FLARE-VM

All these steps are done in your FLARE-VM, which is Windows 10 plus many malware analysis tools.

Making a Hello Program

From the desktop, double-click FLARE, "Developer Tools", "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools", "Visual C++ 2015 x86 Native Build Tools Command Prompt".

Execute these commands:

mkdir c:\pe
cd c:\pe
notepad hello.cpp
Enter this source code:
#include <iostream>  
using namespace std;  

void main()
Save the file.

Execute these commands:

cl /EHsc hello.cpp

MS-DOS Header

At the lower left of the desktop, click the magnifying glass icon and type PEview. Launch PEview.

Open the C:\pe\hello.exe file in PEview.

In the left pane, click IMAGE_DOS_HEADER.

This header is now unused. The only important features are the first and last item, as shown below.

MS-DOS Stub Program

This program merely prints a message on obsolete MS-DOS systems and is unimportant to us.


This header is important. Note these features, as shown below.


Note these features, as shown below.

Scrolling down, we see the Import Address Table, at RVA 11000. As we'll see below, that matches the start of the .rdata section.

Section Headers

For each section, note these features, as shown below.

Calculating Memory Layout

Examine each secton in turn and find the RVA and "Virtual Size" values of each one.

Then you can calculate the actual memory layou\t of the program, as shown below.

 Memory Address
Image Base 400000
.text1000F8AB 401000
.rdata11000611E 411000
.data1800011E0 418000
.gfids1A000AC 41A000
.reloc1B000EB8 41B000

Memory Map

To verify the addresses, open hello.exe in OllyDbg and click View, Memory.

As shown below, the layout matches the pattern, although the base address was not 400000 on my system.

IMPORT Address Table

In the .rdata section, the first item is the IMPORT Address Table, starting at address FE00, as shown below.

PMA 122.1: Missing Section (10 pts)

Download this file:


Examine that file. It has four sections, unlike the one we examined above.

What is the name of the missing section? That's the flag.

PMA 122.2: Broken (20 pts)

Download this file:


The file is damaged and cannot run.

Fix it and run it to see the flag.

Hint: Use CFF Explorer. Examine the headers. Invalid fields turn red.

PMA 122.3: Broken (20 pts)

Download this file:


The file is damaged and cannot run.

Fix it and run it to see the flag.

Hint: If SmartScreen blocks the file, unblock it in the file Properties.


PE Format from Microsoft
PE File Format Offsets - by Sunshine
Understanding the Import Address Table
Understanding Import Tables #2 - Manually add imports - by Sunshine

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