ED 32: Windows 10 Virtual Machine (15 pts extra)

What you need


To set up a Windows 10 local machine.

Downloading Windows 10

In a browser, go to


In the "Virtual Machines" list, select "MSEdge on Win10...", as shown below.

In the Choose a VM platform" list, choose your virtualization software, as shown below.

Download the file. Unzip it and import it into your virtualization software. For VMware, use File, Import.

Log in with these credentials:

If you are prompted to, restart the machine to complete the installation.

If you are prompted to, log out and log in again to complete the installation.

You may need to install VMware Tools (or the comparable software) manually.

Disabling Windows Update

At the lower left of the desktop, in the search box, type SERVICES

Open Services.

Double-click "Windows Update", as shown below.

Change the Startup type to Disabled, as shown below.

Then click OK.

Disabling Windows Defender

At the lower left of the desktop, in the search box, type DEFEND

Open "Windows Defender Settings".

Click "Virus & threat protection".

In the "Virus & threat protection settings" section, click "Manage settings".

in the Exclusions section, click "Add or remove exclusions".

Click "Add an exclusion". Click Folder.

Select the C:\ drive.

Click the "Select folder" button.

In the User Account Control box, click Yes.

The C: drive should now be excluded, as shown below.

Flag ED 32: OS Name (15 pts)

In a Command Prompt window, type in this command and then press the Enter key:
You should see information about your Windows version, as shown below. The flag is the OS Name, covered by a green rectangle in the image below.

Posted 3-12-2022