Research & Present: Extra Credit

Research a security topic and give a brief presentation in class. The presentation should be approximately eight slides and ten minutes long.

Don't feel restricted to the topics below; any security topic is fine. These topics are just examples.

Suggested Topics

2011-10-08: Security impact of the Rizzo/Duong CBC BEAST attack
2011-10-08: Infiltrating a Botnet - Cisco Systems
2011-10-08: Facebook\'s URL scanner is vulnerable to cloaking attacks
2011-10-08: Top DDoS attacks of 2011
2011-10-08: OpenDNSSEC � Study material
2011-10-08: Full Path Disclosure
2011-10-08: Google tracks you. We don\'t. An illustrated guide.
2011-10-08: PassMyWill Is A Will For Your Online Assets And Passwords
2011-10-08: How To: Get A Job At Google, Apple or Facebook
2011-10-08: Workers, employers clash on social media
2011-10-08: Google\'s free online vulnerable web app! AWESOME
2011-10-15: Encipher It : Easiest Browser based Advanced Encryption Tools
The SSL certificate industry can and should be replaced - PROJECT IDEA
2011-10-16: OS X Lion Captive Portal Hijacking Attack
2011-10-19: Graphing Suspicious URL Relationships with Junpack-n
HUGE list of vulnerable Web apps to use for training
Making a honeypot like this would be a good project
zaproxy - OWASP ZAP: An easy to use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications
Websecurify--Web app vuln tester, I think

Reset Admin Password on Mac OS X
CCSF data exposure in 2007 -- official notice

2015-01-31: Security News

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