A 5
A- 39
B 30
C 25
F 1
Total 100
I tested the first 100 banks I found by Googling "bank".
The test I used is at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
The only F is columbiabank.com, for supporting SSLv2
I did not notify them, because I saw a message that indicates that they already know. ***
Domain (alphabetical) Raw
Grade Domain (best to worst) Grade
1stnationalbank.com B B 53.com A
A A db.com A
ally.com A- A- fhlbsf.com A
alpinebank.com B B netteller.com A
americanexpress.com C C susquehanna.net A
amerisbank.com B B ally.com A-
arvest.com C C associatedbank.com A-
associatedbank.com A- A- astoriabank.com A-
astoriabank.com A- A- bankatunion.com A-
bankatunion.com A- A- bankatunited.com A-
bankatunited.com A- A- bankofamerica.com A-
bankofalbuquerque.com B B bankofmarin.com A-
bankofamerica.com A- A- bbt.com A-
bankofarkansas.com B B bbvacompass.com A-
bankofcolorado.com C C berkshirebank.com A-
bankofmarin.com A- A- bis.org A-
bankofoklahoma.com B B bmoharris.com A-
B B botc.com A-
bankoftexas.com B B bremer.com * A-
bankofthewest.com B B capitalone.com A-
bankwithunited.com B B cnb.com A-
bannerbank.com C C comerica.com A-
bbt.com A- A- discover.com A-
bbvacompass.com A- A- efirstbank.com A-
berkshirebank.com A- A- firstdata.com A-
bis.org A- A- firstmerit.com A-
bmoharris.com A- A- firstrepublic.com A-
botc.com A- A- frostbank.com A-
bremer.com * A-, T A- intrustbank.com A-
capitalbank-us.com B B mechanicsbank.com A-
capitalone.com A- A- midfirst.com A-
cfbank.com B B my100bank.com A-
A-, C C myinvestorsbank.com A-
citibank.com C C nationwide.com A-
citizensbank.com C C nyse.com A-
cnb.com A- A- pnc.com A-
columbiabank.com ** *** F F republicbank.com A-
comerica.com A- A- salliemae.com A-
communitybankna.com B B santanderbank.com A-
db.com A A tdbank.com A-
A- A- umpquabank.com A-
dollarbank.com B B usaa.com A-
eastwestbank.com B B valleynationalbank.com A-
efirstbank.com A- A- zionsbank.com A-
eximonline.exim.gov B B 1stnationalbank.com B
fdic.gov B B alpinebank.com B
fhlbsf.com A A amerisbank.com B
firstcitizens.com C C bankofalbuquerque.com B
firstdata.com A- A- bankofarkansas.com B
firstmerit.com A- A- bankofoklahoma.com B
firstnational.com B B
firstniagara.com B B bankoftexas.com B
firstrepublic.com A- A- bankofthewest.com B
fnb-online.com C C bankwithunited.com B
frostbank.com A- A- bankwithunited.com B
fultonbank.com C C capitalbank-us.com B
gecapitalbank.com C C cfbank.com B
guarantybank.com C C communitybankna.com B
hsbc.com B, C C dollarbank.com B
iberiabank.com A, C C eastwestbank.com B
intrustbank.com A- A- eximonline.exim.gov B
key.com C C fdic.gov B
liberty-bank.com B B firstnational.com B
mechanicsbank.com A- A- firstniagara.com B
merrickbank.com C C liberty-bank.com B
midfirst.com A- A- mrm.wellsfargobank.com B
mrm.wellsfargobank.com B B mtb.com B
mtb.com B B mymetrobank.com B
my100bank.com A- A- northwaybank.com B
myinvestorsbank.com A- A- northwestsavingsbank.com B
mymetrobank.com B B oldnational.com B
myoptimizerplus.com C C renasantbank.com B
nationwide.com A- A- unionbank.com B
nbtbank.com C C www.wellsfargo.com B
netteller.com A A americanexpress.com C
newresourcebank.com C C arvest.com C
northwaybank.com B B bankofcolorado.com C
northwestsavingsbank.com B B bannerbank.com C
nyse.com A- A- chase.com C
oldnational.com B B citibank.com C
C C citizensbank.com C
pnc.com A- A- firstcitizens.com C
regions.com C C fnb-online.com C
renasantbank.com B B fultonbank.com C
republicbank.com A- A- gecapitalbank.com C
salliemae.com A- A- guarantybank.com C
santanderbank.com A- A- hsbc.com C
statefarm.com A-, C C iberiabank.com C
susquehanna.net A A key.com C
svb.com C C merrickbank.com C
tdbank.com A- A- myoptimizerplus.com C
umpquabank.com A- A- nbtbank.com C
unionbank.com B B newresourcebank.com C
usaa.com A- A- peoples.com C
usbank.com C C regions.com C
valleynationalbank.com A- A- statefarm.com C
bankwithunited.com B B svb.com C
www.banking.barclaysus.com C C usbank.com C
B B www.banking.barclaysus.com C
zionsbank.com A- A- columbiabank.com ** *** F
* Incomplete trust chain for bremer.com, which seems to be unused
** For supporting SSLv2
*** "The owner of this site requested that we do not test it" message appeared once, but not again