Independent Project

Do something cool, and show it to the class -- 20 points

Ideas from 2009

Try the LocatePC system to track stolen computers. How does it compare to Adeona?

Use iptables to confuse port scans

Get Damn Vulnerable Linux 1.5 and find out what it can do

Set up the Wall of Sheep in the S214 lab

Explore Bluetooth wardriving and Bluesnarfing (you will need some special hardware)

Set up and test Cisco Torch - Mass Cisco Vulnerability Scanner

Hardware Hacking

Make a webcam security system for S214

Make something like Tweet-a-watt

Ideas from 2008

Use Gmer to detect the Hacker Defender rootkit

Try out Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Try out File Shredder

Set up TrueCrypt drive encryption and demonstrate it

Get BIOS and/or BitLocker passwords from RAM location 041e with a hex ram viewer

Test DeCrapifier - one guy said it ruined his MS Office

Test more rootkits, there are a ton here:

Hack into a fingerprint reader (I have one you can use)

Install Tripwire and detect an intrusion (

Download the Perspectives Anti-MITM Firefox Extension and see how it works, try a MITM attack with it on.

Download the Free 'Trojan-Proof' Password Tool and test it out.

Try the XArp ARP spoofing detection tool and test it at detecting a real ARP attack, such as with Cain

Python 3.0 is out. It has a lot of changes. Try it out--write some simple code and show it to the class.

Test ReadNotify--a service that tracks emails you send. Can you prevent it from working with firewalls, or Noscript, or by reading your email in text-only?

Try some of these awesome router hacks-- you should be able to turn off router security, change the administrator password, etc.

Make a Bootable USB Flash Thumb Drive to Install Vista with.

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