Proj 3x: CodeCademy Python Lessons (Up to 45 pts.)

What You Need

Any computer with a Web browser


Learn basic Python programming techniques.

Python Lessons at CodeCademy

In a Web browser, go to

Create an account.

After your accout is created, scroll down to Python, as shown below, and click it.

On the next page, click the Start button.

Task 1: Strings, Tip, & Syntax (15 pts.)

Follow the instructions and complete the first three Python lessons, as shown below:

Task 2: Functions & Vacation (15 pts.)

Complete these two Python lessons:
7. Functions
8. Taking a Vacation

Task 3: Lists & Supermarket (15 pts.)

Complete these two Python lessons:
9. Python Lists and Dictionaries
10. A Day at the Supermarket

Capturing Screen Images

When you are done, click the Me button in the top right, and then click "View my profile".

On the right side, in the "Your Badges" section, click "View all. You will need several images to capture all your badges. When I did it, it took the two images shown below. I marked the required badges with colored outlines:


Turning in Your Project

Send the images to with a subject of "Proj 3x from YOUR NAME".

Last revised: 8-26-15