Proj 2x: HTTP Login Challenges (NETLAB)

Challenge 1: Brute Forcing a Login Form (15 pts. extra credit)

Write a script in Python to try all possible credentials and get into the form below.

The user name is one of these:

The PIN is a two-digit number, like this:



Write a script that finds the correct credentials and logs in.

Don't forget to start by capturing a login with Wireshark, to see the correct format of the HTTP request!

When you find it, you'l see the secret word the server sends, as shown below:

Challenge 2: Four Accounts (20 pts. extra credit)

Break into each of the four accounts below.

Username:            PIN:    


CEO: Sarah Bellum
Staff: Pete Moss, Sandy Beach
(Stolen from A Prairie Home Companion)



Python Network Programming
17.2. socket -- Low-level networking interface
How can I make a time delay in Python?

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