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* School4Lulz sent me this:
While none of us really have a problem with you linking to the material (That's the point of the Internet, really), we take exception with being branded as criminals. If you'll take the time to read the rest of the classes, you'll note that the instructors don't incriminate themselves. In fact, the classes aren't much different from what you'd find in one of the better articles in any given issue of 2600, and they've been around since 1984 without any really heavy, direct legal trouble aside from their spat with the MPAA over DeCSS. The main difference, in my eyes, is the format (Printed magazine vs IRC logs).
Check out the classes and decide for yourself. So far, every criminal I have personally dealt with denies that he is a criminal (none have been women). This seems to be part of the classic mindset, as discussed here:

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