Binary Games for CNIT 60

Play each game till you have 10 correct. Then email the image showing 10 correct to to get 5 points extra credit.

1: Nybbles

Lesson (pdf)    (ppt)
Game 1: Nybbles (5 pts.)

2: Bytes

Lesson (pdf)    (ppt)
Abigail Bornstein's Video Lessons: Part 1   Part 2
Game 2a: Bytes (5 pts.)       Game 2b: Bytes (5 pts.)      

3: Hexadecimal

Lesson (pdf)    (ppt)
Game 3a: Hexadecimal (5 pts.)      

8: IPv6 Addresses

Lesson for IPv6 Addresses--Hexadecimal (pdf)       (ppt)
Binary Game 8a: IPv6 Addresses--Hexadecimal (5 pts.)      
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