Corrections to CNIT 123 Projects

On some laptops, the Print Screen key does not work. If that happens, try Fn Insert to capture the screen image.

Project 2: Sometimes the McAfee virus scanner fails to detect the buffer overflow, and if you are using another virus scanner it may never detect it. If you can't get the first image, just explain that in the body of the email and go ahead. You should not lose points for that--if you lost any points for that reason, let me know and I'll give them back.

Project 3: In the "Capturing a Password From a Different Computer" section, I recommend that you just use your host machine as the different computer. If you are using switches instead of hubs, you can't capture passwords from a different physical computer this way. S214 used to be connected with hubs, but this semester it was upgraded to switches.

Project 4: In step 13, "Windows XP Professional" should be "Your Name Ubuntu".
In step 20, "Your Name Windows XP Professional" should be "Your Name Ubuntu".

Project 5: Greenwich is failing to download into Ubuntu sometimes. If that happens, just do a whois at the command line and turn in that screen image. That's good enough.

Project 7: One Ubuntu machine in the lab could not find Wireshark in the "Add.Remove Applications" list, but did find the older product named Ethereal. I can't reproduce that at home. But if it happens to you, just use Ethereal.
Note - For steps 30,36,41,47,49,51 and 58 change the sentence "Click the Start button" to "Click the Scan button".

Project 8: McAfee seems to have updated its definitions so it really tries to stop SC Keylogger from installing at all. If you download it, McAffee deletes it so fast you can't install it. So it may be necessary to stop the On-Access Scan entirely, rather than just excluding one folder.

Project 10: The first figure is on the wrong page. It should be beside step 8, it's hello2.c.

Project 20: The Ubuntu installation can take a long time. I don't know a good solution to that--just be warned.

Project 21: The Windows updates take a long time. If you want to save time, just install Service Pack 4 and the MS05-039 patch, from this page: That will produce the image shown in step 85, saying "Exploit Completed, but no session was created". If you put on all the patches, it will say "Status-Access-Denied" instead.

Proj X12: step 34 on the printouts "Manage another account" instead of "Add or remove..." (this is step 37 on the Web version of this project).

Last updated: 9-16-97