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Hacking Into a Computer (With Pictures)
ScratchDrive.com- list of hacking tools
10 quick tips to make Linux networking easier
How to change eth1 to eth0 with Ubuntu on VMware
Security and Hacking Documentation - Machine code exploit info, SQL injection, and much more
US subway hackers still gagged
Screenshots of the Constructor/YFakeCreator tool that creates fake YouTube websites
A Hacking Odyssey: Part Two � Network Scanning & Nmap Part 1
Adeona: A Free, Open Source System for Helping Track and Recover Lost and Stolen Laptops
Bachelor of Science in Ethical Hacking Degree in Scotland
Best Online Documentaries - especially the hacking one
Biometrics: Hacking into a Fingerprint Scanner Video
Case of a wireless hack
Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Availability
Computer Hacking and Ethics
coWPAtty Main Page - Cracking WPA
Cracking - Brute Forcing - Dictionary and Cryptanalysis attacks
Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows Using Samdump2 and John (Hacking Illustrated Series)
Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4 using Open Source Tools
Cracking Tutorial for Newbies by FlOrEsTaN. -- Caution - Some of this is not legal to do
Cracking Windows Admin pass with Backtrack2, using John
Cyber War - Discovery Channel Video about Chinese Hackers
Damn Vulnerable Linux - The most vulnerable and exploitable operating system ever - Damn Vulnerable Linux - 2006 Edition
Debian Grimoire: DM-Crypt -- Encrypt partitions in Debian Linux
Decode your drivers license barcodes
Detecting, Analyzing, and Exploiting Intranet Applications using JavaScript
DEVILS FUNHOUSE: Best hacking videos
Digital Attacks Archive: today's verified attacks -- 20,000 Web sites defaced in a day (3-2007)
Discovery_Channel_-_The_History_Of_Hacking - Google Video
Discovery_Channel_-_The_History_Of_Hacking_Documentary.avi - Google Video
EffeTech Packet Sniffer, HTTP Sniffer, Password Sniffer, MSN Sniffer - EffeTech
Enough With The Rainbow Tables: What You Need To Know About Secure Password Schemes
EtterCap ARP Spoofing and Beyond
Express Recovery for Excel and Word Password Protected Documents
Fail2ban -- bans IP addresses that make too many password failures
Featured Ethical Hacking Schools - Computer Training Schools
Firewall Leak-tests results
Five Hackers Who Left a Mark on 2006
Fping for Windows
Free Linux+ Study Guide : CompTIA : IT Certification :
Free Password Crackers
Google Hacking Database
Google Zone � Hack: Get username and password with google
Hack This Site!
HackBar | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Hackers Center : Ethical Hacker Course by Doz
Hackers Selling Vista Zero-Day Exploit
HackersLab @ Free Hacking Zone
Hacking into cell phones with Bluetooth
Hacking Library - Online Tutorials Section (pretty elementary and not very accurate from my brief scanning)
Hacking Movies :: Y! Underground ::
Hacking WEP with Kismac
Hash: reverse engineer md5 hashes
Hash: Web Based MD5 / SHA1 / SHA-256 / SHA-384 / SHA-512 Cryptographic Hash Calculator Function
Hashing: Free online hash calculator, does MD5, SHA-1, and more
Hide Your Files In A JPEG
How Does The Hacker Economy Work? - News by InformationWeek
How Hackers Are Using Google To Pwn Your Site
How Secure is WEP, Anyway?
How Skype gets through firewalls and NAT
How To Become A Hacker
How to create a new admin account on a Mac without knowing the current administrator password
How to Hack Into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password � Raymond.CC Blog
How to install VMware Server on Ubuntu Linux
How to safely connect from anywhere to your closed Linux firewall -- Port Knocking
How to sniff plain-text passwords in 13 steps
HowNetWorks - A high-level network analyzer
INFOSECDIARY - Your Free Calendar of Information Security Events
Install Ruby Rails on Ubuntu Edgy Eft
Instructions for WPA and WEP attacks
Interesting Hacking Videos -- milw0rm.com
Intrusion Detection For Dummies
Is whitelisting a practical final line of malware defense?
KeePass Password Safe -- Free Open-Source Password Management System
Keylogger: Download SC-KeyLog Free 2.25 - A compact, reliable keylogger with mailing options and easy remote deployment - Softpedia
l14v: aircrack-ng instructions
Learn Networking - An Introduction to TCP/IP
Learn Security Online - Hack Videos
Learn Security Online - MSF v3 VNCinject Video - unlocking a locked desktop
Learn Security Online - Using MSF v3 Meterpreter -- How to get LM hashes remotely, migrate your process ID, and use timestomp to hide your trail
Leptons's Crack FrontEnd
Linux Shadow Password HOWTO: Why shadow your passwd file?
LinuxCommand.org: Learning the shell.
LivecdRecovery - Ubuntu Wiki
Lockpicking - by Deviant Ollam
Lockpicking: BMW decoder tool
Long PDF file with a summary of the hacking world from 2007
Lost Domain Admin Password Panic
Main [Aircrack-ng]
Many hacking PDFs
Many hacking pdfs
Metasploit 3.0 Beta 3 Released �
Metasploit Web Interface in Action Video
MR01001101 :: cryptography steganography resources and challenges
MS Office - How does Microsoft Word password recovery work?
MS Office - 'Unfixable' Word password hole exposed - ZDNet UK
MS Office -- AccessData Product Line - PRTK
MS Office -- ELCOMSOFT: Advanced Office Password Recovery
MS Office: Cracking lost Access, Excel, Word passwords is as easy as a pie!
Netcat - a couple of useful examples
Netstat Tricks -- Very Useful for Port Scan Projects
Nmap Tutorial
Nmap Usage
Offensive-security.com -- WEP tips and Metasploit instructions
Online Tool for URL Encoding/Decoding
Open Masterlocks
Ophcrack -- automatic password cracker
Password Dictionaries: Word lists - download wordlists for free - language dictionary translation cracking passwords
Password stealing by Cross-site scripting for dummies
PhreakVids.com - Videos Related To Phreaking
Police blotter: Google searches nab wireless hacker | CNET News.com
Proj X15a: Upgrading your existing Ubuntu installation | Ubuntu
Proj X15b: EdgyUpgrades - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Proj X15c: Preview: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, GNOME 2.20 - OSNews.com
Proj X15d: Ubuntu: One More Release, Yet More Polish - OSNews.com
Proj X15e: Review of Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) new features and changes
Proj X15f: Ubuntu Test Releases | Ubuntu
Proj X15g: GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Project RainbowCrack
Proj_15: How to fis the "expiration date" error when constructing the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
Proj_16a: Firewall Leak Tester
Proj_16b: Leak-tests results - matousec.com
Proj_16c: Download HView 2000 v1.00 Freeware software - Softlookup Downloads
Proj_16e: Freeware Hex Editor XVI32
Proj_X3: Installing VMware Tools with VMware Player
Python On XP: 7 Minutes To "Hello World"
Rainbow Hash Cracking with Ophcrack - Good explanation of how it works
Recovering Your Lost Passwords with Cain and Abel
Researcher Hacks Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
Reset a Lost OS X Account Password | General, System Prefs., Terminal | Mac OS X Tips
Resetting the Root Password in Linux
Salting passwords to make better hashes
SANS Institute - SANS Information Security Reading Room - Security White Papers
Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems -- Free Online Book
Security Technology Classes Including Ethical Hacking
Security+ Glossary of terms: Ports, Cryptography, Wireless, Ftp
Security+ Study Guides, Practice Exams, Training Resources, and Forums
Similar course at Minnesota State College -- CCIS2410: Hacker Techniques & Tools
Similar course offered at George Mason University, VA
Similar course offered at Georgia Tech
Similar course offered at Minot State University ND (see CIS 146)
Similar course offered at Southern Polytechnic State University, GA
Similar course offered at Syracuse University, NY
Snare EventLog Agent for Windows - Event Log transfer to Snare & Syslog servers - Open Source
SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
SQL Injection Paper [BlackSecurity.org]
SQL Injection Walkthrough
Stripe Snoop--Magnetic Stripe Hacking Software
Talisker Computer Network Defense Operational Picture
tcpdump recipes
tcpdump tutorial
The Best Linux Security Tools � foogazi.com
The Complete History of Hacking
The Ethical Hacker Network - Tutorial: Metasploit v2.6 Web Interface
The Ethical Hacker Network - Tutorial: Rainbow Tables and RainbowCrack
The Hacker FAQ
The Metasploit Project -- Documentation
The Real Hustle: Credit Card Cloning
The Sirkus System: Viral Tech -- virus coding, virus tutorials, virus source code -- and Assembly Language Resources
Three charged in online brokerage scam -- they hacked into servers and manipulated the stock of Google, Sun and other companies
Tools: www.marcinmx.republika.pl ] :::... ...::: [ kontakt: marcinmx@op.pl ] :::...
TOOOL: The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (Netherlands)
Top 10 Black Hat Hackers
Top 100 Network Security Tools
Top Five (5) Best Criminal Computer Hackers of All Time | MarvQuin, LLC
Top Five (5) Best Non-Criminal Hackers of All Time | MarvQuin, LLC
Turning Firefox to an Ethical Hacking Platform. - Security Database Tools Watch
Tutorial: Cracking WEP Using Backtrack 3 | Whats the w0rd?
Ubuntu & WEP Cracking - home - | p a s s i v e m o d e |
Ubuntu - How To Install Ubuntu on VMware on OS X
Ubuntu - How to reset admin password
Ubuntu 3d desktop effects
Ubuntu 7.04 and VMware Tools (on Mac OS X)
Ubuntu Howtos
Ubuntu Quality Control Problems
USB Hacks: Endpoint Insecurity
USB Switchblade - Hak5
Using CIA Commander and Rainbow Tables to crack Win XP Passwords (video)
VMmanager - Create and Modify Virtual Machines
Wardriver on a budget attaches a laptop to his minibike -- DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME
What the Hack ?! - the temptation of the Dark Side
Windows Honeypot Solution - HoneyBOT
Windows Key Enterprise 7.9.2141 -- Resets passwords on Windows, even Vista, even in Domains
Windows NTFS Alternate Data Streams
Wired News: I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI
Wireless Linux Tools Index
Wireless Packet Injection used for image prank at DEFCON 12
Wireless: Chipsets for Wireless Cards -- Big Database
XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet CTF-qlal-link
Forensics 100 file (link fixed)
Securely Erasing Partitions | Novell User Communities
Wardriving software for Windows XP: inSSIDer: Copy and Paste Results Into Excel
The Router Hacking Contest Results
All CNIT 123 Projects in a single Zip file (from 2009)
Security Cheat Sheets
VistaNuke--complete instructions for the SMB 2.0 attack *** USE FOR CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATION ***
VMware on Ubuntu: Installing VMware Workstation 6.5 in Ubunu
VMware on Ubuntu: A \\\"no hassle\\\" Linux install for VMware Workstation 6.5
VMware on Ubuntu: VMware/Workstation - Community Ubuntu Documentation
How to install VMware on Ubuntu
Introduction to Forensics--Kyle Rankin\'s Slides
Forensic Discovery--recommended book
HackThis!! -- Another online hacking game, good for extra credit in CNIT 123
How to REALLY erase a hard drive
Windows Password Renew Tool